International Textile Fair – Autumn(14 – 15 Nov 2016)

The International Textile Fair (ITF) is the region’s most prestigious event focusing specifically on textiles and clothing.

Principally a “trade only” event, it provides manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers on the UAE fashion scene.

Attracting some of the world’s leading companies in the accessories and trims, textiles, print studios and apparel industry, it offers buyers, distributors and designers the opportunity to view a large range of textiles from the most prestigious mills.

Exhibitors from Europe, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Turkey and other high-end global manufacturers will be there to showcase their latest collections and products. The two-day fair also offers a professional and conducive atmosphere for designers, buyers and product developers to network with key players in the industry.

The UAE is now becoming the world’s leading centre for textile industry automation with the presence of over 150 apparel manufacturing companies. Accounting for about 5.5 percent of the world’s annual textile and clothing sales, the UAE has today become the world’s fourth largest trading centre of fashion and apparel.