Audio and Video Rental

Audio and Video Rental

As a full-service skilled Audio/video supplier, we tend to transform your imagination in to reality by utilizing our inventory of rigging, Audio video, lighting and staging. Our groups of inventive and technical specialists add shut collaboration with customers to style and fabricate a winning backdrop and utilizing the newest progressive 3D Projection technology, Plasmas, LED screens, LCD, Seamless Screens, for every event & Exhibition. GLOBAL BRANDING Service Guarantee could be a huge a part of what makes us completely different. we tend to go above and beyond to create certain everything is ideal and our customers are happy.

We Offer:

Video walls
Video walls play a vital role at an event or organization but showing impactful infomercials, adverts and other visual elements. Each minute thing like resolution, picture clarity and special visual effects, plays a major part in this visual delivery. So, we ensure the best configurations and supply to assure you the most practical and relevant solutions for your theme.

Speaker Set with Installation
In order to take the special effects t eh next level we can also offer a number of conceptual and inventory solutions to meet your individual objectives without inflating your present budget to astronomical level. Our creative team holds a lose meeting with the clients to offer the best experience in their capacity as next level special effect developer and facilitator.

The ultimate touch to the evened is promised by our full shading LCS Screen that keeps the clients engaged, amused and captivated throughout the entire presentation. With our vast availability of distinct LCD technology we can offer the best solution across different budgets without compromising with the objectives and requirements of clients.